Friday, November 27, 2009

The practice schedule for December 2009

Dear all:
Here is the schedule for next month (December) practice. Because our various tests are around the corner, we just booked a few days, including 2 days of the 2-week school holiday. We need practice because in Dec 13th we'll have a performance. And in January, we'll also have performance due to "open house". So please do practice at home---even 10 or 15 minutes daily will make a difference. Thank you for your effort
If there is any change, I'll update you.
Have a nice weekend

Date Time Room
3 Dec 2009 (Thur) 6-8 pm E 314
8 Dec 2009 (Tues) 6-8 pm E314
10 Dec 2009 (Thur) 6-8 pm E314
29 Dec 2009 (Tues) 6-8 pm E314
31 Dec 2009 (Thur) 6-8 pm E314

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